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Something like introduction post

Posted on 2020.01.01 at 00:00
Местонахождение: Ukraine, Donetsk
Настроение: calmcalm
Музыка: the GazettE - THE INVISIBLE WALL
Hi there~
Since I have many lj friends now, I think I should write something like introduction post...

My name is Ann, but you can call me Oresama) I'm little shy girl from Ukraine who loves JRock, Japanese and Japan) Recently I've received a diploma of manager of tourist industry... I like travel so much and want help other people to go and see foreign countries) I'm very sociable and lovely person. [As my friends say))] I like foreign languages, making new acquaintances and can talk about my lovely Japan guys eternally. [Especially about the GazettE & D'espairsRay] Recently I started learn Japanese! I try my best and hope someday I'll be able to work in Japan)) Also I do some translations for musicJAPANplus, check out my profile there!!! Also I translate some JRock & JPop stuff into Russian...
I like visiting JRock concerts so much! I've been attending some of them in Moscow and St.Petersburg and it was great!!! *_*

Sorry, but it seems that I won't write anything here in my lj, because English is not my native language and it's difficult for me to write long posts about my boooring life in English, though I understand it very well... >_< Besides I already have one blog at diary.ru and it's enough for me... Here I just leaving comments in yours ljs and we can talk in this way)) ^_^
And if you have some questions to me or just wanna talk you're free to PM me or send e-mail to anyuta.oresama@gmail.com)) I'll talk with you with great pleasure!!!

Sorry for my poor English... >_<